Market Definitions

Bootcamp B100

  • Articulating segments using “problem-based segmentation”
  • Map needs with target markets
  • Analyze market segments to actively pursue fit/profit
  • Ensure targeted segments are large enough to support the current and future business of the


Distribution Strategy

Bootcamp B200

  • Determine which channels best align with markets’ buying preferences
  • Research, Understanding, how users want to receive the product and how they want to use the product
  • Determine the value or incentive for distributors and profitability model

Product Portfolio

Bootcamp B300

  • Integrate products, services and partners into a set (or portfolio) focused on solving a problem for the market
  • Manage the portfolio like a product (business plan, positioning, buying process, market requirements and marketing plan)

Product Roadmap

Bootcamp B400

  • Illustrate the vision and
  • Define Key phases of deliverables for the product
  • Roadmap as a prediction, not a commitment
  • Synthesize market needs with efficient developmental workflows


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