West Valley Innovation Alliance Business Idea Connect Arizona - For Business

Hosted by Arizona's pinnacle group for Innovation in the West Valley,  The West Valley Innovation Alliance Business Idea Connect  is the premier and largest hackathon type resource group that connects enterprise business, innovation and resources.   

Join other peers and businesses together to solve common business problems with a shared west valley resource pool that empowers the community while enabling low cost solutions to common business problems.  Simply submit your business issue to our intake committee.   

After a quick review, you may be eligible for free or sponsored assistant in solving a business issue by one of the many tech development resources in the west valley.  

Business Innovation Idea Connect - Business Registration - Register Your Business

Register as a business looking to solve a problem with your business.  An app, a web technology, a voice skill or other......
Leverage our community of local talent to create an application/skill/technology for your business for almost no cost, while connecting our community of west valley resources to the needs of the business community.


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