Boot Camp D100

  •  Formulate in-depth understanding of problems by segment and persona
  •  Describe the product by its ability to solve market problems
  • Create positioning documents by segment and persona for use in external messaging

Buyer Experience

Boot Camp D200

  • Research and document the buying process target personas use to select a product
  • Create/Document  understanding of the barriers that buyers encounter during their selection process
  • Create a buyer’s journey map
  • Assess available tools and support that align with each step of the buying process

Buyer Personas

Boot Camp D300

  • Define typical buyers involved in the purchase of company products and services
  • Create and share persona documents for each buyer type
  • Communicate Understanding of win/loss and market interviews
  • Trend-spotting from interviews with all components of market
  • Making the  persona “come alive” to all parts of the organization, keeping fresh and relevant


User Personas

Boot Camp D400

  • Define the users of products or services.
  • Q: Who do you need to solve problems for?

Use Scenarios

Boot Camp D500

  • Illustrating market problems with the problem in context
  • Create problem-based requirements
  • Document, provide context on how the problem shows up in a day in the life of the user

Stakeholder Communications

Boot Camp D600

  • Managing proactive communications with relevant stakeholders from strategy through execution (Board, Team, Investors, Departments)
  • Providing relevant, timely,  and easy to consume updates to all internal and external audiences
  • Define key metrics and goals related to project progress and success
  • Measure and report on progress toward metrics and goals

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