Business Plan

Boot Camp C100

  • Performing an objective analysis of a potential market opportunity to provide a basis for investment
  • Articulating the market and quantifying the risk
  • Including a financial model
  • Making a go/no go recommendation based on data



Boot Camp C200

  • Establish a pricing model
  • Pricing schedules
  • Pricing guidelines
  • Pricing procedures
  • other pricing parameters

Buy, Build or Partner

Boot Camp C300

  • Determining the most effective way to deliver a complete solution to the market


Product Profitability

Bootcamp C400

  • Monitoring and analyzing key performance indicators
  • Determine how well the product is performing in the market
  • How results impact the company operations
  • How it contributes to profit
  • Segregating internal products or services, instead of revenue or profit, determine success in improved usage or adoption rates



Boot Camp C500

  • Focusing team creativity on solving market problems
  • Leveraging your organization’s distinctive competencies
  • Creating the Free Prize Inside

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