West Valley Innovation Summit 2019 - Investment, Economic Development, Startups and Job Growth

WVIA 2019 Summit - West Valley Innovation Launch

January 23rd, 2019   1PM-5PM

Location West-MEC

Master Marketing Series - How to Create a Successful Launch Marketing Program

Registration is Open - A few seats are left.  Seating is limited.

  • Marketing Plan Creation
  • Digital Marketing in 2019
  • Budget Creation
  • Pragmatic Product Management Planning
  • How to Simplify and Keep Up with Market Analysis

Wednesday Feb 20th, 2019   1PM-4PM

Glendale, AZ

Sales Plan Master Series - How to Create a Successful Sales Plan

  • Sales Budget Planning
  • Scaling Sales to for Growth Revenue
  • Partner Sales Channel Building

March 27th, 2019   1PM-4PM

Peoria, AZ