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The valley investor community is growing, we need real ventures that are investor ready.

The West Valley Innovation Alliance aligns technology resource stars, companies and investors in the ideal environment for economic growth and job creation synergy to happen.

Programs Include:

  • Business Connect - Project Idea Quickstart Program (Ongoing Hackathons)
  • Investor Ready Pitch Program
  • Innovation Mentorship Meetings
  • Founders Roundtable

Our Mission

The first of it's kind, the WVIA brings together  three core components to economic and job growth in a unique program that delivers experienced resources to create new jobs, new investment opportunities, and company expansion in the west valley.

What makes WVIA different? 

WVIA empowers employers, startups, IT resources and investors with the tools and resources for consistent economic growth.

The organization delivers experience to:

  • get tech companies product ready
  • get startups investor ready
  • and get potential hires company ready for employment

The program relies on the same pragmatic innovation process companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle and others leverage to produce successful innovation.

Organizations that are  product, investor, and employment ready understand the importance of  product development, product launch readiness, market awareness, and sales readiness.

WVIA brings together the best resources to help the startup community, investors, and corporate technologists a venue to achieve success thru collaboration.   The program offers something for everyone in the product life cycle.

What to Expect:


Who Should Attend:

  • Startups
  • Technology Followers
  • Developers
  • Founders
  • Companies Seeking Talent and Innovation
  • Banks
  • Investors

Innovation Collaboration:

  • Ventures will pitch their business and receive direct feedback from real investors, allowing everyone in the room to get a better understanding of what it really means to be product ready, investor ready…ready.
  • Investors have the opportunity to understand West Valley innovation opportunities along with a better understanding the West Valley technology landscape.
  • Corporations gain the ability to share their current and future hiring needs while tapping into the vast West Valley resource pool.

Real Stories: 
The best way to learn is to hear from real entrepreneurs who have done it. Hear from local success stories about the reality of scaling a company

Tech Opportunities: 
West valley employers will share detailed information about the type of tech positions they currently have open, giving everyone an understanding of the type of talent, skills and programming languages that employers need.


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